About Us


Digital Forensics Solutions is a full service computer security and digital forensics firm. Our staff is highly trained and certified. We provide prompt, efficient service and maintain the strictest confidentiality for all of our clients. We approach all of our work using the best practices in the industry and state-of-the-art technology.

Digital Forensics Solutions was founded in 2005, is based in New Orleans, Louisiana and is locally owned and operated. We proudly serve the Gulf South region and can be engaged for travel as required for incident response, consulting, and training.

Daryl Pfeif - Partner

Daryl Pfeif brings 15 years of experience working with computers, multimedia, and communications technologies to Digital Forensics Solutions. As a lead consultant and project manager for Fortune 500 companies (such as Microsoft, AT&T, and Sony) and state and federal agencies, she honed her ability to quickly and clearly define the scope of each project to achieve the client's ultimate goals and to expedite each plan accordingly.

Christopher Loomis

Christopher has a broad range of experience in the information security field - including programming, project management, policy creation and vulnerability assessment. He has created and implemented a secure software development program and written and taught security best-practices classes.

Eoghan Casey - Partner

Dr. Eoghan Casey is a system designer, researcher, and subject matter expert in digital forensics, intrusion investigation, and educational technology. He teaches and conducts research at the School of Criminal Sciences in University of Lausanne. In his former role as Chief Scientist of the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3), Dr. Casey contributed to strategy, research, technical solutions, and operations across multiple organizational units to navigate evolving challenges in digital forensics and intrusion investigation.

He has consulted with many attorneys, agencies, and police departments in the United States, South America, and Europe on a wide range of digital investigations, including fraud, violent crimes, identity theft, and on-line criminal activity. He has helped organizations investigate and recover from security breaches, including network intrusions with international scope. He has delivered expert testimony in civil and criminal matters in the United States, Canada, and international tribunals, and has submitted expert reports and prepared trial exhibits for digital forensic and cyber-crime cases.

Dr. Casey wrote the foundational book Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, now in its third edition, and he created advanced smartphone forensics courses taught worldwide. He has also co-authored several advanced technical books including Malware Forensics, and the Handbook of Digital Forensics and Investigation. Since 2004, he has been Editor-in-Chief of Digital Investigation: The International Journal of Digital Forensics & Incident Response, publishing cutting edge work by and for practitioners and researchers. He serves on the Digital Forensic Research Workshop (DFRWS) Board of Directors and helps organize biannual digital forensic research conferences. He also contributes to forensic science definitions, guidelines, and standards as a member of the Digital/Multimedia Scientific Area Committee (DMSAC) of the Organization for Scientific Area Committees (OSAC).