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The number of lawsuits filed in the US each year

Digital Investigation

Our certified experts conduct thorough investigations to uncover data which may be critically important as digital evidence. We adhere to the guidelines that govern the rules of evidence collection and use the highest rated industry standard tools in our investigations. All detailed investigations are accompanied by a comprehensive report to support any evidence we uncover as well as the conclusions that we draw from that data. Should expert witness testimony be necessary to support the findings of our digital investigation, all of our investigators are highly trained, certified and prepared to take the witness stand.



Number of malicious emails sent by scammers each day

Incident Response

If your organization has experienced a security breach it is imperative to contain the situation and ensure that you are prepared against further intrusion. Digital Forensics Solutions security response team is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. Initial handling of network intrusion, employee misbehavior, theft of intellectual property, and other serious security breaches can make the difference between containment and catastrophe.



Percentage of PC users that have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.

Data Recovery

From recovery of a single document to a lifetime of digital photos, from recovery of one personal email account to an entire hard drive, Digital Forensics Solutions offers corresponding data recovery services.

When it is time for you or your organization to replace old computers and other digital equipment it is important to ensure that all the data contained on the outgoing hard drives is securely deleted. Digital Forensics Solutions employs extensive secure deletion methods to ensure that any data contained on the hard drives we erase is gone for good.



Amount US companies reported in losses from unauthorized use of computers by employees last year

Consulting & Training

To assist our clients in keeping pace with new technology, Digital Forensics Solutions provides comprehensive consulting services in a number of areas including computer security, digital forensics, mobile computing, reverse engineering and custom software development.

Digital Forensics Solutions provides customized training on computer security and digital forensics. We can cover the basics in a manner that is accessible for even the most computer-phobic person or provide in-depth technical training designed for skilled developers and IT professionals.